Diana Newman

Diana Newman was 5'9" tall at age 8. She began modeling as a photo-model for Max Factor cosmetics as a pre-teenager, and went to Paris during school summer vacations, where she was represented by agent and former supermodel, Dorian Leigh. In Paris, she attended the Alliance Francaise, while working for French Vogue, numerous European fashion magazines, advertisers and Christian Dior.

She was taken back to New York, by an editor at Harpers Bazaar, and worked primarily for Harpers Bazaar editorially, with such celebrated photographers as Neal Barr, Hiro, Bill Silano, James Moore, to mention a few.

Diana continued her work as a photo-model for Max Factor for four decades, and was the first caucasion model chosen by Max Factor, Japan, to travel to Tokyo and Maui, where she photographed campaigns involving approximately 100 ads and several television commercials for Dentsu Advertising, Max Factor. She returned to New York to continue ongoing advertising campaigns, commercials and editorial work for various magazines.

In 1980, China Machado invited Diana to join the staff of Harpers Bazaar Magazine, as a fashion editor. She remained on staff until Stanley Marcus invited her to return to Los Angeles, and take charge of Fashion Direction and Public Relations for Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills. Diana remained at Neiman's until she was offered a Vice-Presidency at Bijan, Inc., where she began advertising campaigns for Bijan. She also opened her own advertising agency, winning awards for her ad campaigns for Gucci International; also producing ads for high-end designers and their stores.

In the early 90's, Diana studied acting with Duncan Ross (Old Vic Rep), Kim Stanley, and the Strasberg Institute. She worked in London, Los Angeles and New York, guest staring in various T.V. spots, a PBS movie- (co-star) 'Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Steiglitz: A Love Story', and some feature film appearances. She eventually stopped acting to begin writing books (published author), and concepts for T.V. and film, and continues to successfully do so.