Angeleen by Jason Storch

Angela was a runner-up in the Ms Winston Salem, North Carolina Beauty Pageant. She did work for Wilhelmina and Ford modeling agencies. In the 70’s She was a Halston favorite and ran with the whole Andy Warhol Studio 54 crowd. I also have heard of Her dating Jack Nicholson, James Caan, and Warren Beatty. Angela had a great love for animals, especially horses and it was Her horse “slick” taken in the Chris Von Wangenheim B&W photos. She also collaborated with Dave Mason on the 1977 Let it Flow Album. She was a complete free spirit and was described as a racing comet who shined very bright but not for very long. In 1980 She moved to Australia and was dating Craig Johnston from the band Mother Goose. She continued modeling in the early 80’s and was featured on 2 Aussie Cosmo Covers. After that She became more involved with horses. Unfortunately She was haunted by personal disturbances and abused alcohol heavily, which led to Her untimely death 6 days after Her 59th birthday(March 9th 2009). One bright spot towards the end of Angeleen’s life was the brief reunion with Her only child, a son who She had no contact with for 33 years. Angeleen’s personality was bold, bright, and brass. She had every opportunity to have a brilliant career in fashion, music, or film. She was a natural beauty who never took life too seriously. As Her son I can only say I have always and never stopped loving my Beautiful Mother, the one who was called Angeleen.

You can see more of Angeleen on facebook “Angeleen” and in the 1970’s models.

She is also featured on Youtube