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It was with enormous pleasure that I stumbled over an article about you in the Ventana Magazine as I was looking at some of my own work. As a student at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design back in the early 1970's, your work and your lighting was an inspiration to me. I had just come over from London where I had been assisting Brian Duffy (who I just learned died within the last few weeks) and foolishly thought I might have a career in fashion. Instead I applied the lighting to product and, coupled with a previous photojournalism background, to my magazine work.

But it was the celebration of beauty and the capturing of it that struck me the most just at a time when "back alley dumpster" photography was becoming the style.

To find that you were not only born in Ventura (I now live in Ojai), but are living in the area is a nice thought. You and photographers like Duffy created the visual styles that younger photographers have only been able to feebly emulate, myself included. Peter D

I had the pleasure of assisting Neal Barr and Peter McDaniel in the mid 80's. I had a super time learning while meeting the world's most interesting people. I would like to thank him for his guidance that enabled me to engage in a successful photo career of my own. I would welcome any information on his book.Thank you. Respectfully—Roy L

I am excited about the book, I know it's been a long time in the making and a true labour of love. Please e mail me when it's ready for sale. Best regards—Louise P

It was always such a privilege to be booked by Mr. Barr. Every model knew, we were walking into an 'oasis' of professional and artistic quality and personal kindness. We would also, inevitably end up looking more beautiful than imaginable in every photograph. Each booking was always the best experience of elegance, detail perfection and fun, which is an accurate description of Neal himself. We all simply just adored him!—Diana N

I loved working with you, and yes, have saved a couple of your were a master, a true artist, and though it took my utmost concentration and focus in front of your camera you taught me discipline. —Jack K


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